Genre: Elektronisk Art Pop

døtre makes vocal-based, voluminous, electronic art pop that explores different corners of femininity.

The lyrical space is both honest and theatrical, allowing room for both embrace and pettiness. Through collaborations with other artists who interpret the music through elements such as costumes, stage designs, or choreography, each concert takes on a cross-aesthetic and unique expression.

In 2024, døtre will insist that femininity is not only fragile, graceful, and introverted but also raw, fierce, and ugly.

døtre consist of Nynne Spangegaard Rasmussen, Sofie Herdorf Krøyer, and Sophus Dræby, who together compose, arrange, and produce the music. Mathias Carl Gyvlgaard on bass, and Tobias Nygaard on drums. Choir and choreography: Jean Anastasia, Laura Teglhøj, Didde Strand, Mathilde Thrane, and Maiken Funder.