Sauna Senere

Genre: Postpunk pop

The anticipation has no limits, just like the performance of our commodities. A big ROI is on the cusp when the punkpop romatic band of madness Sauna Senere enter Q2 with big plans. A viable business only exists in the space between fragility and honesty. Expect ops and downs, but eternal growth.

Sauna Senere consists of captivating singer and guitarist Johan Bølling-Ladegaard, keys and synthekvilibrist Jakob Ferdinand Hansen og quick-with-the-sticks drummer Anders Nebeling. Sauna Senere A/S – posibilities are the future.

With Sauna Senere, you can expect uptempo songs with lots of energy. An almost childlike honesty shines through as the band moves from one sound universe to another, all while the energy is just overflowing.

Inspired by punk, pop, rave music and much more, Sauna Senere creates a unique sound experience.

The audience can look forward to a concert full of new tricks up its sleeve, which portends an exciting and always unique future for Sauna Senere.