Northern Assembly

Genre: Nordic folk pop

Northern Assembly are masters of the art of storytelling! It is the very essence of this quartet’s intrigant handmade Neo-folk music, which intense universe of sound is comprised of the rootless jumble of traditions effective ingenuity and the present longing for finding safe harbor.

The authentic folksy notes are carried by riveting beats, contrabass, guitar and piano, while Danish/Faroese Dina Danialsdottir and British Andreas Bevan on guitar and vocals up front invite the audience into their beautiful harmonies and empathic stories, none the less.

Northern Assembly revolves around the two primary songwriters Dina Dánialsdóttir and Andreas Bevan, who started writing music together in 2013, born out of a joint passion for true, honest storytelling and organic handmade music. In 2014, they were joined by bass player Jesper Smalbro and drummer Jens Hedegaard and the Danish quartet released their debut-EP Northern Assembly later that year. 

A couple of sold-out shows quickly built a dedicated and loyal fanbase in their hometown of Aarhus. Having won the local Fatter Eskil award in 2015, the band garnered national attention and played festivals across the country followed by a tour in Switzerland. 

In January of 2018, the band released their debut album Death Won’t You Marry Me? and toured Denmark – playing among others Tønder Festival and SMUKfest. And it was not only at home that the band’s qualities were beginning to show. Also in South Korea a newfound interest in the band’s indie/folk-sound garnered, which in turn led to yet another succesful tour. 

In 2019, the quartet released their sophomore album Closer Together, which was awarded five stars in the Danish music magazine GAFFA and went on to become one of the year’s most played albums on Danish National radio P5. Throughout the years, Northern Assembly has played more than 150 shows at home and abroad, where they have amassed great recognition for their powerful songwriting, magnificent productions, immediate performances, humor and stories and incredibly good sounding harmonies. 

That places them in the very top of the talented Danish folk-scene that are presently undergoing a renaissance, where they stand out as an orchestra that reinvigorates the genre and captivates the audience at the same time. “An orchestra that I have seen for the first, but most definitely not the last time.” Ole Rosenstand Svidt | GAFFA”