Genre: Tropical electronica

Junglelyd aims to embrace the audience with massive bass grooves, hypnotizing rhythms and an experimental urge to play music that seems otherworldly. From danceable electronic excesses to tribal music, tropical flutes, horns and surf guitar, the band has created a musical universe that stretches far beyond the Latinamerican cumbia tradition – although, it still lies beneath the surface as a heady pulse.

In a sublime mashup of organic and modern music, Junglelyd manages to utilize their virtuosic dexterity to transcend genres such as Tropical Bass, hiphop, the surf music of the 1960s and psychedelic experimental jazz to create persistent melodies on top of spellbinding beats in a glowing musical encounter that never fails to fire up the dance floor. 

The music critics note the band’s high level of musicianship especially and their ability to combine it to an immediate music that compels the listener to start moving. Musikglobal.com writes: “It is the sound of the dance floor and you do not need to wait for summer, when you already can begin to dance by yourself.

”Their first single “Coffee” made a remarkable impact on Danish radio, where the show Vidundergrunden on Danish national radio P3 quickly summarized the single’s unique quality: “This is absolutely magical, and we are going to keep on playing this song!” 

The debut album can be seen as the culmination of four playful EPs, and while it received glowing reviews at home and abroad, it speaks volumes to the sheer quality of the music that listeners across the globe has streamed the album roughly two million times on Spotify.