Jonny Hefty & Jøden

Genre: Rap, hiphop

Johnny Hefty & Jøden – Denmark’s most smoking partners in crime.

The two Duracell-bunnies of Danish rap still drum along as if the energy crisis is but a figment of the imagination.

With more than 20 years in the business, you should think that the setlist was ready to be laminated, but no, no, the duo still spit out new bangers with the same guaranty as always to get the party rolling – of course, spiced up with a solid back catalogue of hits such as “Gamle Dreng”, “Kom Igen”, “Tryllebønnen”, “Hamrer Løs”, “Muggen Røv”, “Kylling” (and it goes on and on.) 

From festivals to venues, there is no doubt that these two energetic and full of contrast fellas leave the stage suspended mid air even though their feet are firmly planted on the ground. And they easily break down the barrier between artist and audience so that the music lingers around for all to absorb. 

Having independently released several solo albums and the joint effort Den Fede, Jonny Hefty & Jøden is now back in the studio with producer wiz DJ Static and an arsenal of live instruments. 

Sounding the horn for the great hunt, there is no need for you to go in hiding, because the duo are ready to take you along for the ride – and what a ride it shall be!