01. 08 2023



Solkur / LiveCamp

SOLKUR: Loke Deph Albert’s musical dream journey

When SOLKUR invites the listener on a dream journey, it is with two of the most interesting names from the Danish music scene behind the wheel. Since Loke Deph and Albert first met, there have been musical cupids in the air, and SOLKUR has now become their love child.

Albert creates a melodic and innovative accompaniment to Loke Deph’s virtuoso association-influenced texts. The music is rarely about just one thing, but forms the framework for a snapshot where there is room for the listener to connect the dots themselves.

Together, they have created a vibrant and curious expression that has soul and personality, and which cultivates the long-lasting and avoids the fleeting. There is room for irony and sarcasm, but also vulnerability, which you only experience when the truth is told without pretensions.


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