Genre: Rap, hiphop, pop

With their tongue in cheek rap harmonies, the guys of Bogfinkevej has gradually established themselves a band who keeps churning out poignant lyrics, easygoing fun (in danish: hygge) and folksy flair.

They play a smooth sing-a-long pop in the Danish language combined with unpretentious, folksy rap. 

The three members all hail from Aarhus where they also met each other as teenagers in the city’s growing rap underground scene. Becoming a band happened little by little but was finally realized in 2016 when they released a homemade living room-video for their song “Smilets By”.

In 2019, Bogfinkevej released their critically acclaimed debut album BFV. On the album you will find a golden remix of their hit “Smilets By” featuring two heavy weights of the Danish music scene, the rap star L.O.C. and the singer Steffen Brandt, who both hail from Aarhus too. Other memorable guests include Danish artists as Jokeren, Kejser A, Kasper Spez and Loke Deph.

Bogfinkevej’s unique blend of catchy melodies, groovy beats and edgy lyrics with lived-life depth comes into its own in a live setting. Here one truly comes to experience the musical dexterity and strength(s) of the three musicians.

Being accustomed to creating pure frenzy among their audience, Bogfinkevej have graced the stage at large Danish festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival and Skanderborg Festival, not to mention sold-out shows at Danish venues. This occurred when the band played both Vega in Copenhagen and Voxhall in Aarhus. They have also been part of Danish pop-rock legends TV2’s official tour.

The Danish music magazine GAFFA has written: “Honestly: the lyrics are fascinatingly warped. The music is incredibly melodic. The sense of sitting around the campfire feels magnetic.”

And what better way to say it? When you first enter the world of Bogfinkevej, it is incredibly hard not to get mesmerized.